Join us at our

Rediscover Motherhood Retreat

2021 Dates Coming Soon

Transform your motherhood from mundane to magic

Deeply connect to your children

Discover that you are worthy


This is a photo of my six amazing children and I. If you don't know me that well, I became a mom at 19, I have two adopted children and I have been a single (co-parenting) mom for the last ten years.  

I haven't taken a family photo for the last eight years. 

Life was just....busy and chaotic. 

If you are a mother and you know what I'm talking about,

I want you to know that I see you and I understand you!


My Masters Degree in Educational Psychology, Waldorf teacher training, and my real world experience as a public school teacher has given me insight into the potent and often destructive strain between mothers and children.   I have realized the unique and powerful potential for children and mothers to deeply heal and connect with one another. 

My mission is to help moms experience freedom, authenticity and power to become the mom their kids need them to be

What is holding you back?

Who's defining your motherhood right now? 

What if by saying yes to this, you change the impact of your relationship with your child forever? 

Rediscover Motherhood Retreat

Here's what you will experience:

-rest, warmth, support and nourishment

-space to clear old patterns not serving you and your family

-re-connection to your truest self

-learn new techniques to redefine your relationships

-practice with tools to deeply connect with your child/children

-supportive environment with other mothers 

What's included:

-4 days, 3 nights lodging

-daily movement (yoga, dance, energy medicine, yoga nidra)

-daily workshops (mandala art, mala making, presence practice, boundary work)

-nourishing, organic meals made by a personal chef

-two individual coaching sessions to clarify (before) and integrate (after)

-gifts to take home to support your continued growth

-time in nature, space with other moms, solo time and hot tub


I am committed to helping mothers discover freedom and authenticity through developing deeper connection with their children. I would LOVE to talk to you more about this and help determine if this is a fit for you, schedule a call with me and we can discuss details

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