Supporting moms to experience freedom, authenticity and power in order to become the mom their kids need. 

Upcoming Events

Wild Women Project
New Moon Circle 
 Monday December 14th 
7:00-8:00 pm
ONLINE Platform: Zoom
Rediscover Motherhood Retreat
Schedule Coming Soon
Mother Daughter Circles
Boulder, CO
Led by Amanda Easton and Lorene Wapotich
On hold 
Meditating Mamas
More than meditating!  Join us for a super supportive four week class!  Includes hour lessons and individual calls.  Art, journal, movement, meditation for mama! You deserve this kind of support. 

Beyond the Senses

In our lives we have the realm of the physical and intellectual senses and then we have the more nuanced life beyond those senses into the esoteric or spiritual life.  The place where intuition and synchronicity live. This is the impulse behind the Tiny Star Project and all the offerings you'll find on this site. 


Although the projects you find here will address real needs and concerns of your life, there will always be the intention of addressing the spiritual life as well.  When we are in alignment with our spiritual life we are able to be in flow and allow the magic of any conflict to move us through our lives in a way that feels meaningful and fulfilling.  Everything you encounter here is designed to give you the tools necessary for that alignment. 

We are multidimensional human beings: there is much more to us than meets the eye-even more to us than meets the mind -Sue Morter

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