"As life lives through us, the physical realities come and go: jobs, people, feelings, belongings and memories.  The present moment and all it has to offer is the only experience we can really have, and it only lasts for that moment and then another washes up and asks you to be in that moment....and it keeps happening over and over again. Let us build our capacity to be fully alive and awake to these moments."


Amanda Easton

"Part of living a harmonious life is remembering who we are without all the labels, positions, stories and roles.  In order to discover this we must turn inward in a very conscious way, with the intention to awaken, discover and embrace that which is non changing about our being."


Amanda Easton

Mission Statement
The Tiny Star Project was born out of a desire to acknowledge both the natural world and the unseen realm of our lives.  With this acknowledgment we can then integrate our inner conscious awareness with our outer landscape. Mothering is both practical and mundane.  We support moms with both by helping you uncover your innate capacities that often get taught out of us and covered by lists of "to do's". 
The mission of the Tiny Star Project is to support moms in having the experience of freedom, authenticity and power in order to become the
mom their kids need them to be. 
We provide opportunities for women and moms to address and grow their capacities for an inspired, harmonious life. Through workshops, circles, retreats and online groups we help you align with your highest spiritual frequencies. The tiny star is the space inside where the light resides and comes alive in each and every one of us. When it comes alive in us, we invite our children into that light: magical mundane. 

Amanda is committed to supporting moms to experience authenticity, freedom and power in order to become the moms their children need.  Amanda guides women on the journey toward a nourishing, harmonious life that brings attention and intention to nature and the spiritual realm of our busy lives. She is passionate about bridging the gap between our spiritual truths and our beingness in the world with tools and practices that support the integration of these aspects. 

As a single mother of 6 she knows the complexities of life and has come to value the mundane as well as the revolutionary.  She has also been a teacher for 20 years, working with children of all ages in public and private schools, volunteer mentorship programs, CASA, and spiritual organizations. 

Her personal meditative practice, journey with yoga and energy medicine has led her to facilitating Meditating Mamas, coaching moms through difficulty, and hosting Wild Woman Project Circles so naturally and authentically.  Amanda holds a Colorado Teaching License for Elementary Education with endorsements in Linguistically Diverse Education as well as Special Education and Early Childhood.  She also has a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and a Waldorf Teaching Certificate. With her background she brings a wide lens to a deep practice of becoming and presence for moms who are anywhere in their motherhood journey.   

About Amanda

Educator. Mom. Learner. Time Bender. Dancer. Yogi. Observer. Lover. Overcomer. Sustainability Seeker. Soul Whisperer. Rememberer. Visioneer. Dreamer. Mystic. Shower Upper.  Spiritual Evolutionist. Alchemist. Harmony Believer. Creative Artist.

Wild Woman Project Circle Leadership Certificate

WWP Leadership Training 2018


Waldorf Teaching Certificate 

Rudolf Steiner College 2017

Educational Psychology Masters Degree  

University of Colorado, Denver 2012


Elementary Teaching License

Endorsements in: Early Childhood, Linguistically Diverse Education, and Special Education ​

State of Colorado 2011

Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate

Radiant Beginning Yoga​ 2010


Behavioral Science​ Bachelors Degree

Metropolitan University of Denver 1997

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