Individual Support

"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are" -Anais Nin

Are you at a crossroads in your

motherhood journey? 

Are you hoping to connect more

with a distant child?

Are you feeling the need for practical strategies

that will result in you being fully 

present and connecting with yourself

and your children?  

Are you going through a divorce and sensing the changing dynamics with your children? 

Are you parenting an adopted child and hoping to find a deeper connection?

Are you a step parent and wondering how you can have a positive impact on your step child? 

Busy moms hire me to support them in experiencing freedom, authenticity and power in order to become the mom their kids need them to be.  

I have a very few select spots to guide women through a process to reveal, redefine and embody their unique motherhood journey.  

Use the contact Amanda button to inquire about this individual support.  

Mom Coaching

-SOS Home calls available: I'll show up, support you with strategies in the moment, kids and all.

-Sessions in nature, interactive and experiential

-Each session provides relief, inspiration, and integration for your most embodied motherhood experience

-Helps you become what your children need without exhausting your physical, emotional, spiritual reserves

-Packages available for multiple visits

-Contact me for an initial conversation

-Rates for individual coaching $100/hr 


-Discount for multiple visits

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